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Turo Clone | Best Car Sharing Platform like Turo

The information given here will tell you that if you want to startup of Self Drive Car Rental Service or Car Sharing Services as your own like Turo, then you should buy our Turo clone.

Yes, with this you can completely save your time and development cost in building Self Drive Car Rental or Car Sharing Platform like Turo.

Hearing this, the same question comes in everyone’s mind, how?

Easy, our team has already developed Turo like app and we called it Turo Clone.

So how can you save your time and money?

Simply you have to buy the app code and website source code created by us, which will save you a lot of time and as we sell this Turo clone for the cheapest, then your money will also be saved.

With this, you can focus your attention solely on growing your startup and making your startup profit making as much as possible.

Why Choose Turo Clone as Car Sharing or Self Drive Car Rental Service

Turo is a car sharing and rental marketplace where guests can book any car they want, wherever they want it, from a vibrant community of local hosts across the US, Canada, and the UK.

Guests choose from a totally unique selection of nearby cars, while hosts earn extra money to offset the costs of car ownership.

A pioneer of the sharing economy and travel industry, Turo is a safe, supportive community over 10 million strong with more than 350,000 vehicles listed and over 850 unique makes and models.

Whether it’s a truck to help out on moving day, a Mercedes-Benz for a luxurious weekend away, or a classic VW bus for a picture-perfect road trip, Turo lets you book cars that are part of a story, not a fleet.

Customization as you wish

We give you the facility of all kinds of customization, you can add and remove the feature you want in your app.

You can also make your app design as you wish as your favorite.

How Turo Clone Works

Basically 2 types of users will be use our Turo Clone App, one of which is to book a ride and the other will list their car in the Turo platform.

Booking Car

If you want to book a car on our Turo clone app:

  • SignUp If you are new on the Turo app, they will first have to create your account. That yu can SignUp with Facebook, Google or email.
  • Find the perfect car Through the search feature of the Turo Clone app, you have to enter your travel date and your location, which will give you the best vehicles around the location that you have to book.
  • Book It Book your dream car. The owner will confirm or reject your visit within eight hours, but it is usually too early. Book cars instantly on the listing with the “Book Instant” badge.
  • Pickup the car Meet the car owner to pick up the car. Many owners offer delivery, so they may bring it right to you. Walk around the car, show them your license, grab the keys, and drive off into the sunset.
  • Explore! In the city or mountains, for a few days or a few weeks, rain or shine, grab your colors and make something to write home about.
  • Return Car At the end of your trip, meet the owner to leave the car. Walk around the car again, hand over the keys, give them a high five, and start planning your next adventure.

Listing Car

If you want to list your car on this platform:

  • List yout car Create free listing account. Describe your car, upload some clean photos, and you’re ready to go. Be sure to keep your calendar up to date so that passengers know when your car is available.
  • Respond to customer booking You will be notified when someone makes a booking on your request or your car immediately. Confirm or reject the trip as soon as possible and contact the passenger if you have any questions.
  • Coordinate with guest where and when you will meet your guest. Check their license, walk around the car, check fuel and mileage, and send them on their adventure.
  • Rest easy and earn money Your car is covered by high in liability insurance, contractual protection for damage and theft, and roadside assistance 24/7 while traveling, so you can only see dollars roll in.
  • Pickup Car Meet your guest, make sure everything is in order, give them a high five and head home. Don’t forget to rate and review the app to help keep our market strong and honest.

Turo Clone Features

There are best features are listed bellow we will provide:

Feature in application like Car Categories, Search Car and Change Location, Checkout and Integrate Payment Gateway, Referal Program Feature and many more.

Turo Clone

We will also provide some most important addon features in our Turo Clone, which are describe bellow:

Payment Gateway Services

We allow you to accept payment anywhere in the world. Whether you want to open your startup in any country, there you can definitely accept online payment.

Multiple language platform

We create this app in the multiple language spoken in multiple countries, which really allows to use a wide range of people.

Disclaimer: Kartora does not have any control over the trademark of ‘Turo’. We use the term ‘Turo’ only for the better understanding of our services.

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