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TikTok clone – The best video making clone app

Tiktok doesn’t need an introduction; it has taken over the world by storm. TikTok Clone was one of the most downloaded apps worldwide with more than 63.3 million installs in August 2020.  After becoming popular in the Asian region it has taken over the world. Tiktok fever has affected each and every one. But since its ban in India on June 29 2020, many other apps have entered the market to capitalize the opportunity even Facebook came up with its own version as Instagram reels. 

Tiktok clone by Kartora is a readymade clone app which you can label in your name and you can modify it infinitely. Tiktok clone we manufacture helps you to take advantage of the growing habit of video streaming and consumption of video content by people. Video content creation and consumption has grown manifold in the past 2 years.

tiktok clone

With growing concern over securities by different countries and increasing demand for banning tiktok in different parts of the world TikTok clone by kartora is a well-crafted application that can be the perfect alternative with all the requirements fulfilled to fill the void and capitalize this opportunity.

Why choose our TikTok clone

1. Customizable interface

Our clone script is 100% customizable and it can be customized according to your niche and requirement. Our TikTok clone script can be customized to make it compatible with other video-based social platforms and other social apps, streaming apps etc.

2.  Scalable design

TikTok clone we manufacture is designed according to the best SEO and digital marketing practices for apps in mind.

3.  In-app purchase-

We can also integrate in-app purchase options as it can be a great opportunity to earn money. In-app purchase in our TikTok clone means you can charge a small sum of money from the users to unlock the premium version or some extra features to enhance user experience.

4.  Security-

Our professionals have developed a robust and scalable and extremely secure script with SSL powered API.

5.  Multi language and multi-currency-

The interface of the TikTok clone we manufacture is optimized in such a way that irrespective of your location or currency preferences it can be customized according to our users needs.

tiktok clone script

Features of our clone

  1. Audio selection – Select your favourite audios and sounds or upload your own custom made audio with the video.

2.  Video selfie and dubbing- showcase your creative bug by making selfie videos and dubbed videos over the custom audio or audio chosen from the library. Tiktok clone app users can even set the speed preferences to create videos slow-mo, fast, transitions, etc.

3.  Filters- TikTok clone app can create pictures and videos with multiple filters, stickers and gives you the liberty to share them on your profile and also on other social platforms.

4. Multi-video/ picture sharing- You can share your video and media under different categories on your profile and you can also create videos with other users.

5. Newsfeed/Timeline- Based on your followers and followings the feed is constantly updated showcasing the latest post from other users, channels, trending content locally/globally and more. It is designed for increasing user engagement to full.

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