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Airbnb Clone: Develop your rental marketplace

About Airbnb Clone

The Airbnb Clone is a vacation rental marketplace between the traveller and a host. Host is the one who lists his place on the application and makes it available to vacationers on rent basis. It is based on the rental business apps like Airbnb, Homestay, etc. They provide places to the travellers on rent and earn through it. The airbnb clone is the best technical solution for entrepreneurs who wish to start an online vacation rental service.

Sharing properties is a business that is reaching new heights. The airbnb clone is a perfect clone script to establish your rental business. It has all the features similar to the Airbnb script and is completely customisable. It can be personalised to suit the needs of your business.


Features of the Airbnb Clone

1. Instant booking

One of the most crucial features of our clone app is that booking can be done easily. Bookings can be done on an hourly basis too. Most people who travel a lot look for this feature as they travel continuously. You can offer your clients a night booking as well.

2. Review and ratings

Users can share their views on the basis of their stay. This will help future customers to make an informed decision. This app also provide the feature for businesses to rate and rank their services.

3. Instant chat option

The instant messaging system in our airbnb clone allows both, the host and the customer to connect easily and get answers to all queries within the moment.

clone script airbnb

4. Multiple currency and languages

To provide a smooth and hassle free transaction, our Airbnb clone provides multiple currency options. Even foreign travellers can transact in their own currencies. The language option makes it easy for people to understand and communicate.

5. Payment policy

The payment gateway of our clone app facilitates the transactions in different currencies smooth. The overall transaction history is maintained by the app and the host and user can see the history if required.

6. Search filter

Our app functions to make the interface easy for the users. Users can easily search among thousands of listed hotels and accommodations. The client can search on the basis of map or location too.

7. Logins and invite

The users can log in through the social media accounts that save time. The people who have booked their stays are regularly notified about any changes or upgrades. The clients can also invite their friends and families to stay in the same place as they did with the invite feature of our clone app.

8. Reservations

Guests are given options to finalise a booking, cancel it if not required and ask for queries and doubts to their respective hosta. And hosts have complete authority to either accept or reject any booking as per the availabilty of space.

9. Admin Panel

The admin panel includes

  • a powerful dashboard for easy management.
  • commission management portal.
  • security deposit feature, in case of damage by the user.
  • featured listings.

There are many reasons to choose our Airbnb Clone. It is completely customisable and can be made complying with your requirements. Our Airbnb clone has all features that are required to make your business emanate and reach heights. It is our priority to make your business establish well in the existing market. We use the latest techniques to transform the app for best user experience. If you wish to start a business that will flourish instantly, our clone app is the best.

airbnb clone

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