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tiktok clone script
TikTok clone – The best video making clone app

Tiktok doesn’t need an introduction; it has taken over the world by storm. TikTok Clone was one of the most downloaded apps worldwide with more than 63.3 million installs in August 2020.  After becoming popular in the Asian region it has taken over the world. Tiktok fever has affected each and every one. But since its ban in India on June 29 2020, many other apps have entered the market to capitalize the opportunity even Facebook came up with its own version as Instagram reels. 

Tiktok clone by Kartora is a readymade clone app which you can label in your name and you can modify it infinitely. Tiktok clone we manufacture helps you to take advantage of the growing habit of video streaming and consumption of video content by people. Video content creation and consumption has grown manifold in the past 2 years.

tiktok clone

With growing concern over securities by different countries and increasing demand for banning tiktok in different parts of the world TikTok clone by kartora is a well-crafted application that can be the perfect alternative with all the requirements fulfilled to fill the void and capitalize this opportunity.

Why choose our TikTok clone

1. Customizable interface

Our clone script is 100% customizable and it can be customized according to your niche and requirement. Our TikTok clone script can be customized to make it compatible with other video-based social platforms and other social apps, streaming apps etc.

2.  Scalable design

TikTok clone we manufacture is designed according to the best SEO and digital marketing practices for apps in mind.

3.  In-app purchase-

We can also integrate in-app purchase options as it can be a great opportunity to earn money. In-app purchase in our TikTok clone means you can charge a small sum of money from the users to unlock the premium version or some extra features to enhance user experience.

4.  Security-

Our professionals have developed a robust and scalable and extremely secure script with SSL powered API.

5.  Multi language and multi-currency-

The interface of the TikTok clone we manufacture is optimized in such a way that irrespective of your location or currency preferences it can be customized according to our users needs.

tiktok clone script

Features of our clone

  1. Audio selection – Select your favourite audios and sounds or upload your own custom made audio with the video.

2.  Video selfie and dubbing- showcase your creative bug by making selfie videos and dubbed videos over the custom audio or audio chosen from the library. Tiktok clone app users can even set the speed preferences to create videos slow-mo, fast, transitions, etc.

3.  Filters- TikTok clone app can create pictures and videos with multiple filters, stickers and gives you the liberty to share them on your profile and also on other social platforms.

4. Multi-video/ picture sharing- You can share your video and media under different categories on your profile and you can also create videos with other users.

5. Newsfeed/Timeline- Based on your followers and followings the feed is constantly updated showcasing the latest post from other users, channels, trending content locally/globally and more. It is designed for increasing user engagement to full.

Airbnb Clone: Develop your rental marketplace

About Airbnb Clone

The Airbnb Clone is a vacation rental marketplace between the traveller and a host. Host is the one who lists his place on the application and makes it available to vacationers on rent basis. It is based on the rental business apps like Airbnb, Homestay, etc. They provide places to the travellers on rent and earn through it. The airbnb clone is the best technical solution for entrepreneurs who wish to start an online vacation rental service.

Sharing properties is a business that is reaching new heights. The airbnb clone is a perfect clone script to establish your rental business. It has all the features similar to the Airbnb script and is completely customisable. It can be personalised to suit the needs of your business.


Features of the Airbnb Clone

1. Instant booking

One of the most crucial features of our clone app is that booking can be done easily. Bookings can be done on an hourly basis too. Most people who travel a lot look for this feature as they travel continuously. You can offer your clients a night booking as well.

2. Review and ratings

Users can share their views on the basis of their stay. This will help future customers to make an informed decision. This app also provide the feature for businesses to rate and rank their services.

3. Instant chat option

The instant messaging system in our airbnb clone allows both, the host and the customer to connect easily and get answers to all queries within the moment.

clone script airbnb

4. Multiple currency and languages

To provide a smooth and hassle free transaction, our Airbnb clone provides multiple currency options. Even foreign travellers can transact in their own currencies. The language option makes it easy for people to understand and communicate.

5. Payment policy

The payment gateway of our clone app facilitates the transactions in different currencies smooth. The overall transaction history is maintained by the app and the host and user can see the history if required.

6. Search filter

Our app functions to make the interface easy for the users. Users can easily search among thousands of listed hotels and accommodations. The client can search on the basis of map or location too.

7. Logins and invite

The users can log in through the social media accounts that save time. The people who have booked their stays are regularly notified about any changes or upgrades. The clients can also invite their friends and families to stay in the same place as they did with the invite feature of our clone app.

8. Reservations

Guests are given options to finalise a booking, cancel it if not required and ask for queries and doubts to their respective hosta. And hosts have complete authority to either accept or reject any booking as per the availabilty of space.

9. Admin Panel

The admin panel includes

  • a powerful dashboard for easy management.
  • commission management portal.
  • security deposit feature, in case of damage by the user.
  • featured listings.

There are many reasons to choose our Airbnb Clone. It is completely customisable and can be made complying with your requirements. Our Airbnb clone has all features that are required to make your business emanate and reach heights. It is our priority to make your business establish well in the existing market. We use the latest techniques to transform the app for best user experience. If you wish to start a business that will flourish instantly, our clone app is the best.

airbnb clone
bigbasket clone script
BigBasket clone- World-class BigBasket Clone Development

Our BigBasket clone is the solution that you were looking for to start an astonishingly profitable online grocery shop. The BigBasket clone by Kartora is manufactured considering hassle-free services for customers. It is superbly rich in features and is completely customisable.

bigbasket clone script

BigBasket, one of the largest grocery and food store in India, offers over 18000 products and has more than 1000 brands registered. From fresh fruits and vegetables to rice and pulses, it has all what is required in the kitchen.

What is BigBasket clone?

BigBasket clone is similar to BigBasket. It is an on-demand grocery delivery store that has basic features of Bigbasket. If you wish to start an online grocery delivery store, the clone app is an excellent solution. It is ready to launch and can be completely personalised.

Being one of the largest grocery delivery solutions, it has captured minds of many entrepreneurs. Many want to start their business, but do not have the correct application. But now, we have a solution for you. The BigBasket clone from Kartora Global will make it easy for you. It is a ready to launch app that has all features that are required to start a profitable venture.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for an app that is affordable and has easy user interface, you are at the right place.

bigbasket clone delivery boy

Contents of our BigBasket clone

We help you organise a complete online store that includes the following.

  • Website
  • App for customer, both iOS and Android
  • Delivery app, both iOS and Android
  • Partner app and panel
  • Admin dashboard
  • Dispatcher panel

Features of our BigBasket clone

1. Customer app-

  • Customers can choose among various categories.
  • They can either instantly order or schedule order.
  • Customers can browse through various outlets and choose one that is nearest.
  • Customers have the option to filter their search.
  • They can track their order live.
  • Varied payment methods.
  • They have access to order history.

2. Store app-

  • Order management
  • Delivery management
  • Product availability
  • Earning details.
  • Radius of delivery service.
  • Order cancellation management and charge

3. Admin Panel-

  • Vehicle management for deliveries.
  • Referral bonus management
  • Profit on each product can be devised by the admin.
  • Manage delivery executives
  • Manage customers
  • Manage payments and commission.

4. User panel

  • Registration/Login
  • Profile creation
  • Access to multiple outlets on single profile
  • Filters and add to cart option
  • Rate and review
  • Real time tracking

Grocery delivery services are becoming more prominent because they are convenient and save time. It is absolutely beneficial to launch your own online store that facilitates customers with grocery services. If you wish to start your business as soon as possible with a ready application, you can contact us now. Lets talk more about it and maybe we can kick start your journey.

bbdaily clone
BBDaily Clone- On-demand milk delivery app

For every businessman who is looking to make it big into the milk delivery industry, it is necessary that they have an app of their own. The BBDaily clone developed by Kartora Global has all characteristics and features that help you achieve your goal in the on-demand milk delivery market.

BBDaily is a merger of DailyNinja and BigBasket. It has permanently branded milk delivery services. It is majorly a subscription service that allows customers to order milk and other such essentials a previous night and get them delivered to their place the next morning.

bbdaily clone

Highlights of our BBDaily clone

  1. Customer Management – You can get access to customer information including profile, order history and payments.
  2. Finance Management- All the data related to transactions and bills are stored and can be managed easily.
  3. Order Management- The order management and tracking of orders is simplifies with our order management system.
  4. Communication Management- Every order is undertaken ensuring clarity of information like contact, address and products ordered.
  5. Product Management- You can customize your product details and modify plans, offers, and privacy/ return policy – all using a single tool.
  6. Route Management- Productivity is the first priority and thus routes to particular locations are shown with alternatives.
gojek clone

Features of our BBDaily clone

1. Customer App

  • Registration and login
  • Profile management and edit
  • Filter and search
  • Add to cart option
  • Rate and review
  • Track order and order history
  • Multiple payment options

2. Delivery person app

  • Registration of delivery executive
  • Order management
  • Customer information
  • Route manager
  • Order status manager (delivered/undelivered)
  • Payment manager

3. Admin Panel

  • Centralised dashboard
  • User/Customer manager
  • Delivery executive manager
  • Order manager
  • Stock manager
  • Finance and commission manager

Benefits of BBDaily clone

Milk is one of the most consumed products all over the world. It is indubitably a good venture to start. You can always launch an on-demand milk delivery business. The target market, i.e., the customer base is also huge. It is an enormous source of income and has less risk factor.

A BBdaily clone is a readymade app that is completely customisable. It is the perfect solution to bring your dreams into existence. With our bbdaily clone, you can start your business immediately. This app has all the feature similar to that of BBDaily, Milk Basket, Suprdaily. All these are running a great business in the dairy industry. If you wish to establish your presence efficiently, contact us now to avail the best featured clone app.

More Clone

gojek clone
Gojek Clone Script: Gojek like App for All On-Demand Services

Our Gojek Clone Script have all services that you want to start with your startup with all customisation of all services provided by us. We have below all services with our gojek scripts

Gojek Clone is a ready-made solution that helps you offer all such services from one single application. The Gojek clone app provided by Kartora Global comes with inbuilt and essential features that can be customised and limited or exceeded as required. We develop the Gojek clone that helps entrepreneurs to provide various services via a single platform.

Gojek app was established in 2010 as a solution to various day to day challenges. It was first started in Indonesia. The advancement in technologies is the primary reason for the development of such multi functional apps.

food delivery with gojek app

Gojek is an app in the market that is multipurpose provides all on demand services like taxi booking, food delivery, grocery, e wallet service, etc. It helps a lot of people by solving their problems through a single gateway called Gojek.

gojek clone script

Gojek clone app allows you to earn from the very first day you have your app. It is not merely a taxi service or transportation app, but allows you to add as many services as you want. You can even add the services of plumbers, maids, packers and movers, or home painting services, etc.

Developing an application takes a lot of time and investment that is huge. Not every entrepreneur has that much time. So we provide the Gojek clone that works similar to the Gojek app and requires less amount of time and money. Creating a new app from the very scratch can burn the whole blooming business. So our Gojek clone that is customisable and also feasible is the best for your business.

Services of our Gojek clone Script

  • Pickup and delivery
  • Ridesharing
  • Food delivery
  • Beauty and salon
  • Taxi services
  • Ecommerce
  • Logistic
  • Car washing
  • Plumber
  • Pharmacy delivery
  • Doctor

Features of the Gojek Clone

1. Easy login-

The Gojek Clone developed by us has an easy login interface and allows you to login with a single touch.

2. Customisation-

Our source code is licensed so it is easy for you to customise it as per your client requirements.

3. Responsive-

The app is responsive and works with android, ios, PC, laptop, etc.

4. Easy tracking-

It offers real-time tracking for users to track their services.

5. Multi-language and multi-currency

To facilitate users all around the world, we provide a multi-language and multi-currency feature.

6. White-labelled-

To ensure that your logo and name is present on all pages.

7. Seamless interface-

It has a smooth interface and is easy to use.

Why is Gojek clone gaining popularity?

The Gojek app has raised funds of more than 1 billion dollars since it was established and now its net worth is almost 10 times. Moreover, Gojek clone allows your business to deliver multiple services from a single platform. It also helps earn commission on services provided by someone through your Gojek Clone. The users can get a unified experience of varied services. With the advancement in technology, the Gojek clone also provides upgraded features. The cost of development of a multi-purpose Gojek app is affordable and therefore feasible to almost every entrepreneur who wishes to start a new business.

Why Gojek Clone?

Today, the on-demand service market is increasing at a fast pace. Almost all service providers own an application that makes it easy for customers to get services at hand. Today’s tech-savvy people want the services to be delivered as soon as possible. And what would be better if all such services are provided by one business. Once people develop trust in your business, they start preferring it for every purpose. It is the best choice to magnify your customer base by engaging more customers online via the Gojek clone app for your business.


Every new business wants to have an online presence. If you are looking for a ready made app that can cater to your new online business, then you are at the right place. Approaching the right app development company can help you start a profit making business. We make the best white labelled Gojek clone that can be customised as per your requirements. Making an app that is feasible for our clients and suits the purpose of their business is our topmost priority.

tinder clone
Tinder Clone Script: The best script for Dating App Startup

People now a days use internet to connect with people who share same interests. Many network building apps are gaining popularity these days. This smartly planned clone app has features similar to the trending dating app Tinder. It is a fun way to connect and chat with new people Via our new tinder clone script.

Also we have same Dating apps clone scripts like Tinder clone script / Bumble clone script / Hinge clone script.

tinder clone script

The Tinder clone provided by the Kartora global is the best substitute app to start business instantly. Developing an app is a rigorous process and so our clone app provides you with a ready made software that helps you start your new business immediately.

We provide a perfectly customisable app that can be moulded according to your choice an requirements. The market size of dating apps is expected to grow 275 millions by 2023. So it is the right time to start your own app. We have an expertise in making the best suited app for your business.

clone tinder

Features of the Tinder clone

  • Multiple sign in
  • Smooth search filters
  • In app purchase
  • Dynamic field management
  • Audio and video calls
  • Likes
  • Instant chats
  • Filters
  • Updates
  • Browse profiles
  • Admin panel
tinder clone

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