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Instacart Clone | Instacart Clone Script | On-demand Grocery App Clone

Kartora Global developed the Instacart Clone that is perfect for your grocery delivery business. If you have your own grocery shop/store an want to start online grocery delivery or if you want to launch your own grocery delivery startup like Instacart, then you are at right place.

Whether you are a small vendor or a big shop owner, a clone script can always be beneficial to you in this digital era. With the increasing demand for online delivery services, it is best to invest where there are chances of high returns.

Groceries are an essential part of everyone’s routine. One cannot go without groceries. Even this is becoming a fast-growing industry. This means that the market of this kind of business is very huge, and you should not delay in launch your own Online Grocery Delivery Platform, just feel free to contact us.

What is Instacart Clone?

We know Instacart very well, Instacart is an American company that operates a grocery delivery and pick-up service in the United States and Canada. The company offers its services via a website and mobile app.

Instacart clone is a customizable system which is similar to Instacart developed by us. We provide both website and mobile app which has same functionality and services as Instacart do.

The service allows customers to order groceries from participating retailers with the shopping being done by a personal shopper

Instacart clone app

Having known the app development for years, Kartora Global offers the best Instacart Clone Script with customizable features. It has all features that will take your existing business to a new level. The main objective of our Instacart Clone is to optimize your delivery services, establish you in the online market and revitalize the ways in which you conduct your business.

1. Multiple grocery stores

The instacart clone developed by us can be completely personalized. If you want your customers to be able to see and place orders on the stores nearest to them, our clone app is the best. Stores from any region can register on the app and authorized stores can take orders and receive them.

grocery clone delivery boy

2. Single grocery store/ Personal app

If you want an app for your own existing business, we cater to this requirement too.

Then this will be your personal app. This will not be available for any other store or delivery purpose. You can use this to take orders and deliver groceries from your own shop.

3. Grocery Marketplace

If you are a big brand and have stores in multiple cities, our app can allow customers to easily locate your store nearest to their locality.

The app then automatically assigns delivery to the drivers who are near and can process the delivery as soon as possible.

Features of our Instacart clone

1. Customer app

  • Grocery ordering
  • Payment and tracking
  • Offers and discounts/promos
  • Review and ratings
  • Pick up or delivery options

2. Customer Website

  • Explore multiple products
  • Filter and search
  • Schedule purchase and track
  • Rate and review

3. Delivery agent app

  • Accept or reject offers
  • Job shift
  • Navigation
  • Chat
  • Invoice generation
  • Delivery earnings

4. Shop manager panel

  • Assignment of orders
  • Grocery stock management
  • Management of orders
  • Order history

5. Admin panel

  • Assign managers
  • Commission setup and management
  • Store management
  • Analytics and reports
  • Dispatch and delivery

Our instacart clone app is one of the most technically advanced app and yet is easy to understand. It is fully customisable and white labelled. The instacart clone by Kartora Global is suitable for android, ios, laptops, PCs etc. It has various other options too that make the user comfortable and increases their facility. If you want to establish a new business or improve your existing business, the instacart clone app from Kartora is the best choice. Contact us now for the most affordable options.

Why our Instacart Clone is best option for you?

There are lot of reasons you should go for our Instacart Clone instead of development of your online grocery store from beginning level. Here are some explained bellow:

It will save your time: Development of Instacart like platform from beginning is more time consuming, but we have already made this kind of script that you just need to customize according to what you want. It will save your time and you can easily launch your business as fast as you can.

Cost Effective: Instacart clone is one of our products, that we provide to lot of our clients with customization. That is why this deal will more cost effective then you will go for development process from beginning level.

bbdaily clone
BBDaily Clone- On-demand milk delivery app

For every businessman who is looking to make it big into the milk delivery industry, it is necessary that they have an app of their own. The BBDaily clone developed by Kartora Global has all characteristics and features that help you achieve your goal in the on-demand milk delivery market.

BBDaily is a merger of DailyNinja and BigBasket. It has permanently branded milk delivery services. It is majorly a subscription service that allows customers to order milk and other such essentials a previous night and get them delivered to their place the next morning.

bbdaily clone

Highlights of our BBDaily clone

  1. Customer Management – You can get access to customer information including profile, order history and payments.
  2. Finance Management- All the data related to transactions and bills are stored and can be managed easily.
  3. Order Management- The order management and tracking of orders is simplifies with our order management system.
  4. Communication Management- Every order is undertaken ensuring clarity of information like contact, address and products ordered.
  5. Product Management- You can customize your product details and modify plans, offers, and privacy/ return policy – all using a single tool.
  6. Route Management- Productivity is the first priority and thus routes to particular locations are shown with alternatives.
gojek clone

Features of our BBDaily clone

1. Customer App

  • Registration and login
  • Profile management and edit
  • Filter and search
  • Add to cart option
  • Rate and review
  • Track order and order history
  • Multiple payment options

2. Delivery person app

  • Registration of delivery executive
  • Order management
  • Customer information
  • Route manager
  • Order status manager (delivered/undelivered)
  • Payment manager

3. Admin Panel

  • Centralised dashboard
  • User/Customer manager
  • Delivery executive manager
  • Order manager
  • Stock manager
  • Finance and commission manager

Benefits of BBDaily clone

Milk is one of the most consumed products all over the world. It is indubitably a good venture to start. You can always launch an on-demand milk delivery business. The target market, i.e., the customer base is also huge. It is an enormous source of income and has less risk factor.

A BBdaily clone is a readymade app that is completely customisable. It is the perfect solution to bring your dreams into existence. With our bbdaily clone, you can start your business immediately. This app has all the feature similar to that of BBDaily, Milk Basket, Suprdaily. All these are running a great business in the dairy industry. If you wish to establish your presence efficiently, contact us now to avail the best featured clone app.

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How to Download Youtube Videos
How to Download YouTube videos: Step by Step Guide with Example

Hello Everyone, Today I’m going to share a very crucial information to all of you which is How to Download a Youtube Video.

Whenever we watch a video on YouTube and we like it very much but we are not able to download that video on our phone or system from YouTube because, YouTube does not allow us to download any video from the platform.

And then we get disappoint.

But you have to remember one thing, Nothing is Impossible.

In this article I am going to teach you some easy methods to download any video from YouTube and I will describe these methods for both Desktop and YouTube Mobile App users.

Download Youtube Video (Desktop)

When you watch videos on your desktop/laptop browser and you want this on your system or download this video in various video formats then you have to follow these simple steps, which are as bellow:

Step:1 – Select and play a video you want to download

Video selection for download youtube videos
Video Selection for Download YouTube Videos

Select any video you want to download and play the video. You will see that kind of screen on youtube when you watching the Youtube video.

Playing a Youtube video

While watching Youtube video you will see this kind of URL in this URL box pointed by the arrow in above picture.

Step:2 – Just Minor Change in URL

Next step you have to do a minor change in URL Box(The navigating box in above picture).

You have to add “ss” just before ‘youtube’ and hit the enter button.

Add ss before youtube
Add ‘ss’ before youtube.com and hit enter.

Step:3 – A New Website

Exactlly, when you hit enter after add ss before youtube in url, you will be redirected to a new website which will be savefrom.net. Don’t worry this website is safe and secure.

And this kind of screen will be shawn:

New website savefrom.net for download youtube videos

Step:4 – Select Format and Download

Look at the picture first.

Formats available for download

On this website, you will find a lot of video format options for downloading videos. Whatever format suits you, you can download this video by clicking on that format.

This seems to be the easiest way to download YouTube videos that I am telling you.

If you have any better way than this, then do tell us by commenting.

Now let’s talk, if you want to download a video on mobile or YouTube app then how will you do it with this method.

Download YouTube Video (Mobile or App)

In the desktop browser, we easily wrote “SS” before “youtube”. But now we can not do this in YouTube mobile app.

Still you don’t have to worry and you can follow the easy steps given below.

Step: 1 – Select and Play Video

Select and play a youtube video which you want to download. Step 1 is easy as you daily watch Youtube videos so I dont need to explain more and with pictures. In this step you have to do is just play a video and follow next steps.

Step: 2 – Copy the Link of Video

In the second step, you need to copy the link of video which you are watching and want to download. But how?

It is very easy.

When you are watching videos on YouTube, all the options below the video are visible, such as Like, dislikes and shares etc.

All you have to do is click the Share button. You can easily understand this with the photo given below.

Click on The share button

When you click on the Share button a new popup window will be open from bottom of Youtube app with the various options. You have to click on Copy Link option.

Copy Link for Download Youtube videos

By doing this, you will have completed the second step.

Step: 3 – Open Link in Browser

Open your mobile browser and paste the link you just copied.

Paste Link to Browser and open

When you paste link and open it, that Youtube video will be opened in your browser.

Open Youtube video in browser

Step: 4 – Changes in URL

In the above picture, there are a video URL is showing and if we want to download this Youtube video we have to add ‘ss’ before ‘youtube’.

Add SS and download youtube video

It will be redirect you to another website. The new website Savefrom.net will help you to download youtube videos.

Download youtube videos from savefrom.net

There are various download options in this website for download this youtube video. You can follow the step 4 of desktop version for complete your download and enjoy.