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Gojek Clone Script: Gojek like App for All On-Demand Services

Our Gojek Clone Script have all services that you want to start with your startup with all customisation of all services provided by us. We have below all services with our gojek scripts

Gojek Clone is a ready-made solution that helps you offer all such services from one single application. The Gojek clone app provided by Kartora Global comes with inbuilt and essential features that can be customised and limited or exceeded as required. We develop the Gojek clone that helps entrepreneurs to provide various services via a single platform.

Gojek app was established in 2010 as a solution to various day to day challenges. It was first started in Indonesia. The advancement in technologies is the primary reason for the development of such multi functional apps.

food delivery with gojek app

Gojek is an app in the market that is multipurpose provides all on demand services like taxi booking, food delivery, grocery, e wallet service, etc. It helps a lot of people by solving their problems through a single gateway called Gojek.

gojek clone script

Gojek clone app allows you to earn from the very first day you have your app. It is not merely a taxi service or transportation app, but allows you to add as many services as you want. You can even add the services of plumbers, maids, packers and movers, or home painting services, etc.

Developing an application takes a lot of time and investment that is huge. Not every entrepreneur has that much time. So we provide the Gojek clone that works similar to the Gojek app and requires less amount of time and money. Creating a new app from the very scratch can burn the whole blooming business. So our Gojek clone that is customisable and also feasible is the best for your business.

Services of our Gojek clone Script

  • Pickup and delivery
  • Ridesharing
  • Food delivery
  • Beauty and salon
  • Taxi services
  • Ecommerce
  • Logistic
  • Car washing
  • Plumber
  • Pharmacy delivery
  • Doctor

Features of the Gojek Clone

1. Easy login-

The Gojek Clone developed by us has an easy login interface and allows you to login with a single touch.

2. Customisation-

Our source code is licensed so it is easy for you to customise it as per your client requirements.

3. Responsive-

The app is responsive and works with android, ios, PC, laptop, etc.

4. Easy tracking-

It offers real-time tracking for users to track their services.

5. Multi-language and multi-currency

To facilitate users all around the world, we provide a multi-language and multi-currency feature.

6. White-labelled-

To ensure that your logo and name is present on all pages.

7. Seamless interface-

It has a smooth interface and is easy to use.

Why is Gojek clone gaining popularity?

The Gojek app has raised funds of more than 1 billion dollars since it was established and now its net worth is almost 10 times. Moreover, Gojek clone allows your business to deliver multiple services from a single platform. It also helps earn commission on services provided by someone through your Gojek Clone. The users can get a unified experience of varied services. With the advancement in technology, the Gojek clone also provides upgraded features. The cost of development of a multi-purpose Gojek app is affordable and therefore feasible to almost every entrepreneur who wishes to start a new business.

Why Gojek Clone?

Today, the on-demand service market is increasing at a fast pace. Almost all service providers own an application that makes it easy for customers to get services at hand. Today’s tech-savvy people want the services to be delivered as soon as possible. And what would be better if all such services are provided by one business. Once people develop trust in your business, they start preferring it for every purpose. It is the best choice to magnify your customer base by engaging more customers online via the Gojek clone app for your business.


Every new business wants to have an online presence. If you are looking for a ready made app that can cater to your new online business, then you are at the right place. Approaching the right app development company can help you start a profit making business. We make the best white labelled Gojek clone that can be customised as per your requirements. Making an app that is feasible for our clients and suits the purpose of their business is our topmost priority.

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